Looking at language

I have been learning Chinese radicals lately. I was coming across a lot of Chinese characters in my Taoist classes so I picked up my daughters book on radicals. The Chinese writing system embodies a lot of meaning. One character can have around five meanings for example 气  ‘Qi’ can mean: breath, soul, energy, exhalation to name a few. When I had a run in with some graffiti artists last year it got me thinking of ghosts and ghost energy. So I used 

幽灵 ‘YouLing’ as a reference to that moment of confrontation. Where the ghost meets you face to face. The ghost is quiet 幽 ‘You’ and somewhere obscure like the 山 ‘Shan’ mountains or 幺 ‘Yao’ delicate or fine threads. So to put it mildly, there is a lot of meaning in Chinese characters. So I used the idea of ghost energy to describe the type of energy that lurks around parks and what not. On the day of painting it there were the old boys drinking in the park. A camaraderie of connecting with spirits through alcohol. A place to be overcome by the heavy world that can linger around us. 

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