Last two weeks

The last two weeks I saw a notification for Facebook Creator. A website for business pages to be able to publish from a desktop browser. I set up an art page derekcarterartist and I also had prior a page called doeraerosol. They also exist on Instagram. What caught my eye though was IGTV (Instagram TV) which offers full length video publishing. 

I had always struggled with video and my phone. It was always a chore to make a video under one minute then publish it from my phone. I have a back catalog of video work all over a minute as well which I had to shave down for the normal Instagram feed. It was annoying and cumbersome. Now though I can publish my original video pieces with a description and so far people actually view my videos on this service.

So with that in mind I have spent the past few weeks going through old hard drives and compiling my video work to slowly be rolled out on IGTV and also on my business Facebook pages. Youtube is a busy service though my videos never really get many views. The art context of them and lack of context to my general practice hinders viewing. Also Youtube is more about videologs these days. Episodic content similar to television programs.

I have been pretty busy with all of this video organising over the past week. Also I was surprised I had gaps in my general cloud backups and hard drives. I have a lot of archived content but little things were overlooked here and there. Next month will be busy as I have the ‘Walk the walls’ Festival to participate in. Generally have been learning Chinese radicals and thinking about my writing. To finish, I have found Chinese radicals quite interesting. The meanings and symbolism can be quite enlightening. Just look at 气 ‘Qi’ which means energy, exhalation, air, soul, anima etc. It is shaped like waves of air being exhaled. It is packed with meaning.

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