Some of the ideas floating around on social media are that the rich are planning a climate apartheid. Where they leave the poor to die in the looming climate crisis. This dystopian idea is fitting of the challenges we face in fact. It is both paranoid but fits in with current profit driven attitudes. When the Pacific islands concerns are ignored by Australia you get the feeling, people don’t care about your concerns. They feel your concerns are unwarranted. That is also another way of saying they don’t care. The opposing view is taken as false and doesn’t meet Australia’s roadmap of climate inaction. People can make any claim against this position. Is it warranted? Unfortunately yes. The focus should be on the common good yet it isn’t. There is masked self interest. The main concerns are ignored. That is negligent. Australia’s position is negligent and feeds fear and paranoia of a coming climate apocalypse. In managing these concerns a genuine level of interest and concern is paramount. The biggest loser’s from climate inaction are the Pacific islands. There have been warning signs for years with more unpredictable storms and tides. The Pacific is already suffering and their concerns are warranted.

Uncertainty is the weapon of choice of negligent politicians. Why feed the fire? When you see this level of negligence why wouldn’t you suspect even more unsavory plans? My own personal opinion is that any high level of negligence is never rewarded. The rich if there was a plot won’t get that far because only virtue and nature decides humanity’s fate. People can cook up any position they want whether it is good or bad. Only nature makes the last call. Humanity is ruled by the Earth and the heavens. It doesn’t mean we are beyond a calamity. Though even if there was an impending crisis which there already is, only nature can decide our fate. The rich can’t decide humanity’s fate, the poor can’t, the middle class can’t. Governments that are negligent won’t be successful. Societies that are negligent won’t be successful. So at the end of the day what is there to worry about? Well let’s say we are not currently on the winning team that is doing all it can to meet world wide concerns. That isn’t particularly endearing in the current situation.

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