Humbling weekend

Luke 14:11”For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

Was at training Saturday night and we talked about the writings of LaoZi and the above which I saw in the Bible service on Sunday evening as well in Luke Chapter 14.

LaoZi“He that humbles himself shall be preserved entire. He that bends shall be made straight. He that is empty shall be filled. He that is worn out shall be renewed. He who has little shall succeed. He who has much shall go astray.”

There was some talk of virtuous actions, of humbling oneself down. For example one who puts themselves in front will be torn down eventually whereas the one who puts themselves behind will be lifted up. Luke also takes into account Jesus’s view of the dinner party where the poor and lame are invited instead of the rich and influential. This of course could only happen in heaven. The social pages are always full these days of bright faces. At training though the Master concentrated on political and social examples whereas Sunday was by far a social appraisal. It is the opposite of what one expects that creates an opportunity. Success is the mother of failure whereas failure would normally be the mother of success.

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