In the late 90s a friend who I knew from graffiti was doing a computer science degree. He introduced me to Linux. The reason I got into it was because I had wanted to know more about how computers worked. Luckily most libraries had books on Linux. I have always loved libraries so I spent a lot of time reading up on Linux. It took about two years to really know my way around Linux and then it was my primary desktop until 2009 when I bought an Apple computer. I ran Linux on a mini ITX system while I did heavier work in OSX. Then I started getting back into Linux more seriously as my version of OSX aged rather badly. I ran OSX for ten years but five years were quite good. The other five were lucky as I found a hack on my memory slots. I could get OSX to read 2 extra gigs of RAM that I installed to make it a total of 6 gigs. Otherwise it would never have made it that far. All the while I still ran Linux and soon wanted to retire my apple computer. As luck would have it OSX failed for an unknown reason and I had to install Linux over OSX.

The past few years, at least since 2013 I ran a laptop with Ubuntu and I could do heavier work rather than use OSX or the mini ITX system. Now I am once again Linux crazy. Rather than spend thousands on macOS I can run a few Linux systems for a quarter of the cost. These days I am trying FreeBSD on a spare laptop for fun. I mainly write and manage photos so I can use Linux mainly without issues. It is a bit of a hobby for me really. The only other application I need is Photoshop so I use my daughters gaming laptop for that. I have an Adobe account and I use it for convenience. Linux has some good photo editing apps but I only them for basic tasks. I have been using Photoshop for years and it has the best professional features by far. Linux to me is more about text for my own uses. Also it is easy to manage. All in all I edit photos once a month and mainly write or paint. Linux has been the best tool set that I have had for day to day computing. I also think FreeBSD has some great features that I want to continue to explore.

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