If someone doesn’t believe in anything, except money and power what are you left with? A spectacle? Money and power are not entertaining. Although most people would like to entertain the idea of having money and power. Gangster rap was entertainment and still is. What does that leave us with? Another spectacle? First there was one. Then the one became two. Then the two became limitless. What if I parrot popular ideas? What becomes of that? What if thinking is impossible because essentially everything I believe is reinforced from a social fabric? Am I a social animal or an anti-social animal? I can buy a mindset. It is an aspiration that I can subscribe to. The social fabric is my dress, can’t you tell what I think?


Super dictatorship,

oh that is super.

It really suits you.

You would look great in a suit.

You destroy the world.

Tear down the pillars.

Entertaining the truth.

Crooked crook

No direction.

Flat on your face.



Couldn’t even think,

Of walls higher than high.

That is it.

The doors are closed.

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