Latest May 2019

Went to do some painting studies and realised I forgot my pencil to draw in the basic structure. This actually helped me find a more painterly approach to the studies. I think I have a rhythm going now. Also I can concentrate on colour and paint. My drawing skills are still fairly strong so by leaving the structure behind I can just work the brush. Brushwork is still not that comfortable for me. When I do a studio painting I spend a lot of time building layers. When you are outdoors you don’t have the time. They are studies after all.

Other than that I am trying to just keep in a positive headspace. It is easy to get negative when you have a mental illness as that is just where your mind heads I find. There are a lot of reasons to get upset but it never helps. Also I have kept my head clear coming into the elections. I will just vote and forget about it. I am due to do an early vote tomorrow as I am working the saturday of the election. It isn’t that I don’t care. It is just that casting a vote is all I can do besides going into politics which would be dreadfully boring.

My physical training has been great for my legs. I still train for an hour at least and there has been a focus on leg work lately. All I need to do now is keep away from sugar. I bought a mung bean drink but then realised it was packed with sugar. Sugar doesn’t agree with me but the mung bean drink is pretty good. I might save it for summer if it keeps that long. It is a summer drink by the way. It cools you down. I normally don’t have sugar but had a bit in the holidays.

Saturday training was good, we learnt a few handy pressure points to help release tension from the lower and middle back as well as the chest. Also a point if you have an issue with your heart. I found my lower back was fine but my middle back was a little tense. The pressure points are on the hands. Found they actually work too. It is funny because I had an urge to get a massage the other day and then we did the pressure points which helped immensely.

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