Painting studies

It has been a few years since I have done any painting studies. Was having a talk with my Martial arts teacher who is a painter a few months ago about landscape paintings. Thought about it for a while and realised that when it comes to painting you simply have to practice. I would prefer to do oil painting but I want to travel light and have fast drying acrylics. It is a little set up where I sit in situ and have a mixing pallet with a bag of paint and some pencils. It is basic but I can get a study done. The plan is to do a5 studies for a few months then step up to a4 studies later. Then when I am comfortable I will do finished canvases based on the studies. I need to finish the a5 booklet of papers first then graduate to the larger a4 size. I am not sure how I will approach the canvases just yet.

With the a5 studies I will do the same scene a number of times in different light and conditions. There may be four different scenes that I do at least three or four times. Then the a4 ones in the same way with various conditions. Then there should be at least four canvases done in the studio. I am going to China in early July for twelve days so I may get some new inspiration from that as well. I may at least get the a5 studies done before I leave then I was also thinking of doing memory drawings of China as I am not sure I can realistically get much art done there. The thing is I am mainly going for martial arts and the temples. I may bring a small sketch pad though. I hope to have four memory paintings as well by the end of the year of China as well as my landscapes. They will all be in a landscape format I believe.

I am really into studies. They help a lot. When I do a commissioned portrait I normally do four or five studies to really know the subject. That is the least it takes to know the features well enough. Personally landscapes are not something I have done a lot of but it should be rewarding to go through the process of studies. I am lost for other ideas at the moment and feel keen to work on structure and colour. My graffiti work is my other outlet that is quite subjective and that is enough to keep me expressing myself. Otherwise it should be nice to contrast that kind of work. I am pretty focused. A small study takes around 30 mins at least. The longest part is organising colours and getting the drawing right.

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