The Seers

There was chaos in the village. Fires broke out as the soldiers torched all they could. They had come looking for the seers, they would burn them at the stake. The Church was gathering power against any adherents. Mostly women were burnt to death. Those who could heal were targeted for defaming Jesus and general heresy. The ancient knowledge had to be destroyed to make way for the new ideas that had now taken over. Initially the Romans persecuted the Christians. Things had changed dramatically. New ideas needed to be adhered to. Constantine had given direct orders for the Church to take power. This went on for centuries. Mostly mobs set themselves the task to deal with heretics and Church power started a tribunal to deal with heresy rather than the rampant mobs. Who were the mobs anyway but the unofficial arbiters of a destruction that had been enacted for many centuries prior? The old ways were being lost. Everard had been a seer and so to his father and grandfather. His wife Ella was also a healer. As they ran into hiding from the Church’s official orders to kill and maim their herb garden which was the source of the villagers health and well being was trodden over as the armed soldiers burst open their door looking for them particularly. Where could they hide? Where could they rest? What would become of their knowledge passed down through generations?

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