Carried away

There can be roadblocks. The main one is myself. In fact when it comes to visual art I have succumbed to a type of listless depression. Although I am hoping to go on an oversea trip later this year (my first) and do some landscape studies. This I hope gives me some kind of inspiration to do a series of landscapes based on studies and memory. If the work is good I may be able to have an exhibition with another party who has contacts. It is humbling to do something like this which is more about experience than my own ideas. The act of looking and recording. A document of experience.

Writing is always good because it allows me to move on. I am always moving on. Though truthfully I am looking back to help keep me moving. It is sad that I constantly allow myself to be taken advantage of by people who have nothing to give back. They have nothing so I say here is something. They have nothing so they take something. It is good to give though. An old acquaintance who stole money off me decades ago got some free drawings. Things have changed but they haven’t. I knew it was pointless but I still wanted to give. There are few takers. Few interested parties so I stoop down. Yet they are happy to get original artwork and in a way I would rather just see it appreciated.

Life is punishing. It takes its toll. You learn to push against the tide. If you sit still you get carried away. You only think you are still but life carries us all away. I find it hard to ignore. You see where things are headed and you know you can’t just sit there and let it carry you away. To engage in movement rather than words is the most logical answer but you still need language. We can’t be a throng of choreographed movement addressing our own physical power. Unless it is internal power. Even then we are all somewhere other than the other person. Another point on the map moving. I feel as though I can push back. It isn’t just about words but a physical act through internal martial arts. Following the path of nature which seems lost to many. It is there though. It surrounds us. You need to tap into it. That though requires guidance. It requires a body prepared to move against the tide.

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