A nation built on racism

In 1998 I was talking to a friend and I said I thought the next Hitler would be an Australian. I mean why not? All of the ingredients are there. Underlying racism, denial of racism and a facade of humanitarianism. There had been massacres in Australian history that were largely ignored. An entire culture had been desecrated and devastated. My judgement was too early though. Seeing that the Western world can’t afford foreign wars to satisfy their security blood lust the war turns inward. It becomes a domestic conflict. We produce terrorists here in Australia. Homegrown hatred. Now that we have tortured people who have arrived by boat for so long we need to satisfy our hatred even more. They are not on a security list or terrorism watch. They are simply average citizens with average attitudes. They were simply waiting. We were simply fanning the flames. Waiting. Just waiting for the next world threat. In our own backyards. A small militia bent on spilling blood. They stand in photographs dressed in black. Holding a military grade weapon. There is no smile. Just intimidation. Their combat boots are firmly planted on the ground. The ground of Australian soil. A soil that has produced racial hatred since its inception. Where blood was spilled and ignored. Where cultures were denigrated for the sake of hatred and ignorance. The very ground is cursed. There is no coming back. Hatred and ignorance run too deep. Even if they say sorry. They don’t really understand what they have done. That is because they thrive on denial.They feel they have the right to all that is not theirs. That they can steal a land and build a nation based on racial hatred.

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