The deep rooted nature of racism in Australia has been taken advantage of by politicians and media outlets for decades. New Zealand’s darkest day has been the culmination point of years of right wing extremists going under the radar. They are to most extents dissidents. They are anti-multicultural and have always been dangerous to society as we know it. To think that politicians simply used racism as a way of political point scoring is atrocious. Of course they will express their horror and sorrow while all along using deep fractured cultural divides to their advantage when they need to.

This act is the true face of Australia and the harvest of what has been sowed. Things don’t happen in a vacuum. They happen incrementally and then suddenly. People are asleep to any of the machinations as they have been normalised. Most Australians own racism to a large extent. They share it and propagate it. The hate filled rampage is where we truly are now. The thing people don’t realise is that it will only get worse. That is a fact we will learn. This is the tipping point for Australia. The ideology of racial and cultural hatred runs too deep to avoid. I am not trying to be an alarmist and honestly I hoped it wouldn’t get to this point but over the years I have shared my fears with close friends.

All I can say is brace for worse and a possible decoupling of Australian society from its moorings which were abandoned too long ago. This isn’t actually new. There have been race related atrocities in Australia many times in the past. What I mean by moorings then is simply functional or face value systems of multiculturalism which are mostly fractured. This isn’t an isolated event though many will claim it is. It is most likely the future of the once largely peaceful nation of Australia. The terrorism in New Zealand by right wing extremists is the future of Australia due to its racist heritage and fractured future littered with climate change denialists and institutional right wing sympathisers. A future based on our inability to conquer our fears and live in harmony.

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