Think for yourself

Group mentality. Corporations. Crews. Teamwork. Fitting in. Pack mentality


There is a social world to contend with. Type with type, group with group. There is no room for individuality. The group scowl and contort in the photograph. The corporate group makes its move. It placates its audience. It also goads them. There is an advertisement of someone who only exists in a photograph. Inside the photographs thin veneer is a whole environment pegged on promises. It was created for them. It was designed that way. It was a package designed for an ideal world. For a set of ideas based around a product. A produced world.

When we walk away from the group and its contortions we leave behind the pack mentality. When we reject the corporate ideals we leave behind the pack. The pack animal contorts its features and mimics the group. The crew, the group, the corporation, the gang, the lads, the boys. They all contort their images to fit the group ideal. To fit in. To be accepted.

Not everyone is the same in the group. Just their expressions, just their pose, just their attitude, just their ideals. They contort and pull faces. They contort and have expressionless faces. They meet the requirement. They meet the criteria. They are part of the group. They only exist in the group. Outside of the group they cease to be. Their expression is blank. They simply stare without evidence of existing.

Above are the reasons I avoid groups, avoid packs. After having experienced gang mentalities through graffiti crews and seeing where they go I now reject corporate group mentalities, crews, gangs and other pack thought. Sometimes you need to think for yourself.

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