Ten grand idea

I haven’t really had a creative space to work in for almost two decades. I have never had a solo show. When I think of a solo show I think more about photography than painting. Photography in the sense of my street work. I tend to take details of the work which work well as photographs. If I did have a solo show it would set me back quite a few grand. Anywhere up to ten thousand dollars for a space, framing, printing and promotion. I would lose money for sure only that I have no real artistic following. I am still known in street art and graffiti mostly with no art presence. Also my solo show would be more an exercise in aesthetics than anything else. It would be beautiful though. Ten grand is a lot of money for me as well. I am in a fairly low paid job. It would take over a year to save. The reality is there is no point though I would like to see something beautiful up one day.

I have friends who are far better artists than me struggle to get work sold. The old acquaintances who are making money are based overseas. I doubt anyone would risk ten grand to see me get ahead either. The funny thing is I might just print a couple of photos to place in my apartment. That will blow a grand but at least I can see the works myself in my own home. The other thing is when I am sick of them I can gift them or donate them. The other thing is I am not big on objects. Having done graffiti for so long I tend to find objects a little painful to deal with. They are precious and have value. Graffiti is like garbage. It just gets thrown away or hoarded like garbage. The point of making these objects though would be to capture those fleeting moments for decades. Some of the photos are more interesting than the entire wall of graffiti.

Do you have a solo show just for the hell of it? I would definitely print some just to see around the house. I don’t have much space but I think they would look great. Some people I know are throwing in the towel with exhibiting as it is too disappointing. It is easy to suggest overseas. That is the go to solution. I have a friend who has connections in Europe and it seems like a journey to take. I would rather spend ten grand to go overseas and see the sights.

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