Have currently found a new way of working with street art and art in general. Mainly using house paints which have less body than artists paints. Most artists paints are thicker and so when painting you tend to push them around. This gives a painterly effect whereas house paints tend to be gestural. I use a nook and cranny roller and a fitch brush which are common DIY home painting tools rather than artists brushes.

Spray paint is very graphic even when painted gesturally. It can have a cartoon look about it whereas when I am on the street the house paint builds texture which is manipulated. It is hard to manipulate spray as it tends to fall from a distance from the wall. These approaches are garnering more attention because they look quite different from what is being done in Sydney at the moment.

It is nice to have a change. I don’t feel like doing spray work though I may help a friend do a dedication wall in a few weeks time. I always feel that spray work is otherworldly. It is still quite alien. It seems best when it is totally graphic like what Felipe Pantone does. It becomes a production item. Something devoid of gesture, almost computerised. Almost robotic. Whereas where I am heading is a world that could almost be felt.

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