A journey of writing

It has been a good year for blogging and writing in general. It all caught up with me though and I got a bit anxious. That was all dealt with in due course and I moved on. Near the end of the year I decided to stay quiet for a few months only posting here and there while I got comfortable with new ideas. This blog is a test bed for me. It is a bit confused but generally an attitude or thought process will land in a story I am writing. Some character who may be confused or totally clear headed has an insight. Who knows where these things will end up. A lot of writing simply gets left behind. It never found a home, though it is happy on this blog trying to be understood or misunderstood. Leaving a mess isn’t my aim but it can happen. Nobody can peer over your shoulder and see exactly where you planted some set of thoughts. If you were to read the book and the blog it could gel. It isn’t always possible to be bothered or follow every random thought you come across.

I am surprised it actually works. It seems ridiculous to have a half a thought and then find it is a perfect fit for a moment or two. There is a method to the madness. It isn’t a popular kind of format. This year has been good though for a boost in readers and visitors. It is nice that people can take the time to perouse such an eclectic set of ideas that come and go. Even I don’t know what I am up to half the time and then something seems to make sense. Thanks for reading over the years and this year especially. It is a journey with many different scenes to take in.

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