over development

One of the problems with the over development of a city like Sydney is that the new developments are soulless. They are devoid of any history. They lose their history. The local area seems unwelcoming. Even though there are small businesses in pockets providing some relief they also seem clinical. It is better to retain most of the existing buildings to keep a feeling of progress that is inclusive. Instead you have an emptiness. A void that is towering above you.


Everything seems foreign and lost. Even if some of the existing buildings facades are still there the feeling is less oppressive. Though the newness is somewhat empty. These areas are practical but don’t provide any relief. You simply feel intruded upon. You can’t find a connection. People would describe some of the developments as future ghettoes. They are ghettos for the wealthy. They are for people who are ungrounded. They travel constantly. They have no connection and never wanted a connection in the first place.


The new developments are not inclusive. They are not for everyone. They are unwelcoming, They are clinical. They are a consequence of profit and loss. They are the money that nobody else can have.

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