I was asked recently to possibly discuss Halloween at a Halloween party amongst other contributors. In a way I wrote some material a few weeks ago that is in that vein.


What needs to be thought of is the role of the spirit world first. Mostly every action can be divined through seeing how the role of geography, time and the heavens operate. I am no expert on divination yet how is it that events can be seen through divination? There is a complex world of spirits and other factors all in motion. I don’t have the expertise to answer that but there are people who do.


One thing I do know is that humans are a combination of the sky and earth at a particular time. They have a spirit from this interaction. That is one way their destiny can be foretold. What does this have to do Halloween? What I want to outline is the role of the ancestors and the dead in daily life. We never think about it yet the dead still speak to us through books and other media. They also can visit us through dreams and can manifest in other ways.


Our spirits are greatly affected by the spiritual world. We live actually in a world of spirits that visit us all of the time. Halloween gives us an opportunity to appease them and recognise their presence in our lives. Take for instance this year in particular according to Chinese horoscopes there are bad stars in ascendence this year. Stars of death that rain down bad energy.


Whether you are aware of it or not these powerful influences come down along with many other factors to influence not only individual people’s destinies but the destiny of an entire nation. Maybe Halloween gives us a moment to recognise the spirit world. Where the dead and ancestors are recognised though in reality every day is Halloween or at least should be.


The dead are all around us constantly yet we can’t recognise it because they seem so alive. In a way they are immortal. As long as humans can still conjure their presence they are immortal though they will exist forever regardless in some way or other.

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