‘Music for Installations’ by Brian Eno

Brian Eno’s ‘Music for Installations’ is such a relief from the annals of short and sweet music coming out of pop. Not that I really have anything against that but it shows that Eno still goes against the grain of current thinking. He may even as we know think for himself! This new piece is full of long ambient music with one going for over 40 minutes. The whole album may be at least two hours long if not more or less. Personally I needed this album. I find Eno’s music relaxing and I really need to get in the habit of relaxing more which this album is made for. It is thinking music primarily that Eno does and has done for decades. You can still do whatever you were and doing and actually think as well. It isn’t bland either. It doesn’t really tread new ground but it is music for installations and some of the pieces are not new. 77 million paintings was the one I really wanted to hear most as I had heard a short excerpt once that really left me wanting more. I did see some of the visuals for this work but never got in range for the sound. Overall this music is really handy to have on in a world that seems to stress me out. What a relief. 6724075_musicforinstallations

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