Half year thoughts

It seems I have reached a milestone for the year. In that I have actively been writing most of this year. Took a little break though as we reached the end of June. In that I needed a mental health break. I am working on a new piece of writing which is very light hearted so far. At the end of the week I have two weeks off work so I will try and read some Cicero and Ovid just for a change as I haven’t really looked at Roman literature much.


Bike riding should be an option if the weather is good as well. Mainly I want to do some book shopping and look at clothes. Probably visit some parts of Sydney I have neglected for years like Glebe and Balmain. Some day trips out of Sydney are also likely. Have also been meditating a bit more. Trying to get my routine in order as this year I have been using stress to drive myself. Probably a better strategy to simply do things in a relaxed time frame. It is slower but I can at least avoid stress.


I have booked myself in for a visit to a psychiatrist which has been on the back burner for years. This is in about six weeks so mid August. Had some panic attacks last few months at least two anyway. The main issue is I hadn’t done any relaxation or meditation and my stress built up until I almost exploded with anxiety.


So this year so far I have finished two short stories and I used stress to push them out faster than normal. Normally I would just chip away at stories for what seemed like an age then it would come together. Meditation has been really good lately. Once I do meditate it is hard to come back to reality. At the least the reality I normally inhabit. I might duck off and have a meditation in a minute by the way.

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