God like knowledge devoid of Gods likeness

Got into another argument with a right wing thinker. It was actually an old friend of mine who has taken that path. It was interesting because he was asking for data and research in lieu of my argument. The fact is that character assassination is simply something that requires little to no evidence. It is a condition I have described in prior posts that relate to reading the world as though it is a manual. Looking for all of the working parts and following the logic of the manual to describe the way the world works. I still don’t believe reality can be gleaned from this form of thinking because reality has a messier logic that is harder at times to follow.


For example he said Hillary Clinton had some kind of hand in multiple murders or at least loss of life. I find this hard to actually confirm as it seems to be an idea devoid of any actual verifiable facts. Once again you don’t need evidence to argue against this as it is an open argument. It has no real beginning or end. Is it more a function of belief? Probably and believing or not believing makes little difference to that messy thing called reality. It is in fact a denial of realities lack of logic in regards to human thinking.


Data is something that is essentially interpreted according to specific rules that humans employ. I feel as though the conspiracies are a function of social agreement amongst peers who feel they need to use specialised terms to describe a belief system. This is actually closer to orthodox religion in its process of logic. It was interesting in that I felt being an expert in what Hillary Clinton is really or not really doing seems quite pointless in the scheme of things. I can verify that she is a public fact and I can verify that I don’t know her personally. This are actually facts or data in my argument. To say you actually know what Hillary is actually up to any point of time is a God like class of knowledge. Even then we can’t confirm God actually knows but we surmise nonetheless as it follows the logic of what God does.


What God knows or doesn’t know is only surmisable through a function of social thinking called religion. The Bible in fact is a kind of Manual to those who want to believe that. I personally find the Bible a window into human thought more than Gods thought because I can only confirm human thought as a fact. I would have to be God to know exactly what Hillary Clinton is or is not doing or has done. That is why in my previous posts on right wing thinking I described how they think they are Gods. They are essentially Gods with a working logical manual. The problem is they are arguably not God like. This is where the logic crumbles. Social agreements aside people are not the best Gods. They can simply think they have God like powers. I find this disappointing and rather illogical.

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