sense, nonsense and signals

To make it clear I can find one problem centred around human behaviour. Whether it is religion, economics or even movies is the tendency to have unrealistic states. For example people will lay claim to religion being garbage yet only due to parts of it that seem unrealistic or beyond reason. Yet you can find this even in entertainment where people lose touch with the real world. It can happen anywhere and in many situations. There is no end to losing touch. Possibly even my writing is a way of losing touch with reality.


Though in saying that if you are aware of the differences then it should be ok. We need a sense of detachment from reality. I have mentioned this before where I say you need a good dose of fantasy to deal with reality at all. That is it though, it looks like a contradiction but it is the core issue. We all lose touch because we are embedded in culture, language and cold hard reality. What we champion though is working solutions to our many ways of seeing the world whether they are simply crazy or workable.


What illusions are working though? What illusions can work? It is our biggest problem in that we say that X is garbage because it is a fantasy when we are always in a fantastic way of thinking. I mean not everyone mind you. But a lot of people couldn’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality and even again some of our ideas of reality are simply a fantasy as well. Behaviour and it has been said our whole understanding is simply a loop picked up by senses we have. We are at once analysing the information and processing it but it isn’t an exact science. It is what we have to navigate the world. A signal is carried along the nerve fibre and we make a decision. We make necessary actions within our bodily confines, within technological confines. We fly, we move at great speeds, we press a button and the signal is carried along the network. We are designed to design. Our designs become players.  Everything just needs to be functional. But in a way it could also be a delusion. Hopefully a delusion that is realistic. You have to laugh. Not everything was meant to function.


In that way we can use our unrealistic ideas to change reality for better or for worse. It is simply the way we think and function. In a state between our bodies and a world around us.  

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