Emotional baggage: daggy dangers!!!!

We are all carrying emotional baggage around. I had a brief talk with a young man who does graffiti in regard to depression and his battles. It is interesting because people are so tied into emotions. So much of what goes on in the world is emotional. Emotions to a degree can be dangerous if we look at unprovoked violence or that sort of thing. Alcohol can be a trigger or drugs or simply just the lack of understanding of our own emotions. Emotions are powerful and all art forms like music or movies hook into that. I was given instructions by one of my martial arts teachers to be careful of music and movies because they enter into our bodies and can manipulate us. Pretty paranoid stuff but on a level it is true. Everything is pulling our heart strings even advertising.

We at least need to be aware of what is manipulating us but also we need to think how we can express our stories which by and large are emotional constructively. Whether it is art or what ever that can hook into what are essentially daggy and uncool emotions even to make B grade art.. I know we have heard all of this before and most people think it doesn’t work because it can also make us selfish and self reflexive. But it is tried and tested and we are immersed in emotional stories all of the time so by and large they are important and our personal emotions are worthy of art if not to save us when emotions go awry. First world problems and privilege is by and large a load of garbage because we all have emotions universally and we can’t ignore them even if we are privileged.

Probably more so the emotional baggage of the privileged is clogging the world with poor choices so it is time to deal with ideas in general. Ideas are tied to emotions and the world seems like a battle ground. Especially for young people. But don’t forget there are older people and I have seen them in action who have huge emotional problems and these issues keep them going back to jail. My advice though brief was we all have these stories and we need to get them out in a constructive fashion. There is no way around it otherwise you just lay havoc on yourself and the world around you.

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