Current show with Suchis

Me and my painting buddy are currently taking a break from large scale graffiti. My exhibition was humbling. Had a fairly small crowd but glad people made it. It is up for a month which means hopefully more people can see the show. I have been advertising it. Advertising really sucks. You need to spend some serious money and have a good ad too. I am spending only a little on adverts and have run four different ones. They don’t really guarantee engagement other than on the platforms. I need people to go to the show ideally. The problem is I don’t have much reach on the popular platforms so its hard to get people to commit to your work. I have a small dedicated audience but it is very small and it doesn’t lead to a big turn out.

Other than that I feel like I have just started out because I have never had a commercial show before. It is definitely hard and when you are as obscure as I am it is pretty difficult but I will keep at it. Now I feel like scaling my work up and working on something for a few weeks. There is a lot I want to do but I need to take one step at a time. Any work that I don’t sell I will probably give a bit of it away. There are some works I need for my next show. What was good though was a painter I used to show with brought up the idea of having another group show maybe in the Blue Mountains which would be great. I have a lot of one off pieces that would really be good to show. They aren’t really commercial paintings so it is good with a more experimental crowd. The current show is at the Sneaky Possum in Chippendale Sydney called ‘Finite lines’ with the work of Suchis.

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