Artists statement for show

My work in this exhibition is an extension of my work on walls though in a frame. The use of line and colour is in the same spirit and exploration of my graffiti work. The forms are based on letters but not in every case. The letters are coded or hidden but can be gleaned with a closer look. Having the work in the frame of the canvas allows an eye glass view like when my graffiti work is photographed. A lot of my letter based work is about variations of line, colour and form. Each work is individual and separate. I want my work to visualise every possible variation of form though I am stopped by the finite nature of time and space itself and my body and its unique place in the world.Graffiti explores lettering structure and form. The canvas works tend to do the same.

The lettering is simply a structure to work around. I am not as concerned if the letters are visible or not. Some of the works leave letters behind or they become something else like in “encrypted transmission” where the letters simply change form and become a cryptic message that has no meaning in its current form. To distort lettering and imply it has a form of meaning is an extension of letters themselves such as when Gutenberg made the type press making mass communication possible enabling information to be mass consumed. Graffiti in a way was a part of mass transit moving from station to station, now it has a place in social media and its communication structures as well as a unique place in urban areas. The current canvas works show the limitations of my explorations, ideally I want to go beyond frames and find my work in the mind of the viewer.

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