‘Samson & Delilah’ the movie

I have written about it before but I had to rewatch ‘Samson & Delilah’ but get through the whole movie this time. The director has a new movie out called ‘Sweet country’ which I will most likely buy when out rather than see at the movies. ‘Samson & Delilah’ to me is one of the best Australian films I have ever seen. It shows the chasm between cultures in the outback and cities. It reads almost like a documentary in that the scenes and characters are so believable. It operates on a few levels. There are race relations. Indigenous communities and some of their workings. There is white privilege. Real people cast against stereotypes. It really is something else. It is considered an iconic Australian movie and it is a classic that makes us realise how little we can actually do to step outside of our own world views and culture. People seem locked in to their cultures. It is amazing they can exist but in a way it is possible through isolation. Each culture is isolated from each other. To exist they need to be apart and when they come together it obviously doesn’t work. There is a deep sincerity in the characters in that they are dealing with hardships from their differences. You realise they are trying their best in a world deeply segmented and as I said isolated.

There is a moment when the two main characters buy some food at a supermarket and the girl at the check out says ‘have a nice day’. Culturally it seems absurd. It seems to gloss over the details of peoples lives. We all know that feeling. The movie just delves so deeply into what is the sorest point of Australian culture. If you can see this movie please do. I honestly can barely describe how important this film is. It is a love story in fact that doesn’t conform to western values. There is a story of people who are culturally so different from the colonisers. Such a simple story that uncovers so many injustices without really passing judgement. It is like the movie is saying just look. Look at peoples lives and how they cope in a world that makes them foreigners in their own country.

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