New Years day

It can be surprising what you can do when you improvise. last year, and a few before it were full of improvisation. Most of my work on walls was simply a matter of working it out on the day. Things change though. Sometimes the energy you had one year is not necessarily going to be there in the next. Things change all of the time. In Sydney it is New Years day and I feel quite tired. These feelings pass but I know that the coming year will be a little less full of high energy. My plan is to work out most of my wall and bring designs so I can work around them. I will bring a sketch book and work around the structure of that. It won’t be an exact copy but at least it will make the structure a little easier to sketch out. Everything else will probably be spontaneous.

It comes down to energy and it is pretty low for me at the moment. Over all I had a busy year and it slowed down at the right times. Coming into the end of the year I pushed myself to produce a few more works but I got into rigid work which I knew back to front so I wouldn’t have to improvise. Just didn’t have the energy to improvise. My last work of 2017 was at least good. It was a simple work with good colour and structure. I think I can work with this because I feel as though taking away the need to worry about the overall structure will at least help me get good work out. My main interests in 2018 are colour and pattern, at least on walls. For painting it is video collage stills. It should be a great year. I have started doing a little bit of my old martial arts moves that cultivate energy. I need to find a new energy source. Resting may not be enough. I meditate a lot and I did a lot in 2017 along with a little bit of yoga. Energy is all around us and it is good to cultivate it.

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