losing it and finding it

Having an outdoor aerosol paint near Christmas or a little after. It was hard to imagine what I would do after my last effort. Have become interested again in cleaner work on walls. Mainly the cheaper Molotow equivalent aerosol spray ‘Flame’ which is new on the market and has a lot of the same characteristics. It is a low pressure can which is great with a soft cap. They are easy to manipulate compared with other paint.

Still using the Sugar spray as well for fill ins then Flame spray on the finishing touches. What I want to do is work that is rigid like my work from 2003-4 which had simple compact shapes devoid of line work. At least I want to build on it differently to how I am currently. For the past few years I have used the same linear shapes but overlaid the work with a lot of lines.

The works have been bolder and filled. The older work from 2004 wasn’t as filled, it was cleaner. It had joins and links. So if I can make something new based on this with a cleaner structure but a more chaotic background I think I may be happy to finish the year with that. When I was drawing up ideas I actually felt quite happy about the work. It felt right. Sometimes I worry when I get that confidence that maybe I have lost my mind a little.

In a way even if that is the case it does feel right and it detours from graffiti in a way that I am happy about as lately I have immersed myself in graffiti tropes. I feel like I can shed the expectations and simply think about the work itself. On paper it looks odd. The way the paint pens look messy doesn’t suit the style but then I don’t need to work in the same way on paper or canvas as I do walls. Essentially they are ideas.

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