When I went to art school I was more an agitator constantly being annoying across the board. Even in general conversation I was annoying to deal with. Though generally as a person I am quite understanding and easy to deal with. The attraction to graffiti was the same. Graffiti annoyed people when I got into it. In 1986 the fad of Hip Hop had become unpopular, only dead beats did graffiti. That was my hey day. Once it would go back into fashion I was annoyed which it did every now and then. It makes me wonder though why I felt so attracted to being annoying. For one it doesn’t win you a lot of friends though you end up with loyal friends. Really it is an old attitude that isn’t fashionable. Maybe making people feel uncomfortable is old news. You need to make them feel loved. But it is funny though and I still do it. It isn’t that I don’t like people or am anti-social though I am a little anti-social these days it is just the point of making art isn’t always about comfort. Thats why I like a lot of art that may be aesthetic but still challenges people. Look at Felipe Pantone. In a way his work is so clinical and attractive that it is border line terrifying. It is like a future we didn’t know we were in. I am in my own way annoying but in another honest. The present is the real spectre as it owns the future.

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