Over stimulated

I had a talk with a friend a while ago about over stimulation because I tend to calm myself down by limiting music or movies and I was wondering if his stress would go down if he tried the same thing. Then I thought what I could do for myself to really limit my own stress as it would still come in ebbs and waves but usually every few weeks. So I applied a blanket rule to everything I do and went into limiting everything. We all need some stress but I applied limits that were more about moderation and so far it has been about a month and it seems to work. Once my mind becomes too engaged in whatever I try to pull away if it isn’t a necessity. Only putting my mind into overdrive if it is important and I need to do it.

I tend to throw myself into things that really don’t have a point. They may just be a distraction and my life is still in order so I am limiting the right things and I am managing my mental health way better than a few months ago where my head would literally be spinning with over load. I still get tired but I am no where near as delerious as I normally would be if I reached that point of over stimulation. I have had a lot of stress this year so I really needed to act on this. Lets see how it pans out going forward.

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