Visual saboteurs

If the world was about investment then what had we invested visually into our urban environments? Graffiti was in a way a type of investment though it was purely visual. It lay outside of the normal tenets of law and order. It was typically unsanctioned and out of the normal flow of function and form. The answer though wasn’t simply making it happen within certain guidelines but lay in the planning of the built environment itself which by luck it was duly considered. The reality though was so many spaces were not going to change quickly enough and so people had to find a way to make the investment themselves or collectively. It should consider as many people as possible that may lie outside of the effort to not leave others to try and sabotage the project.

The issue itself was that as so many had been left out normally because they were anti-social or criminal types and great projects became shared spaces that in a way suited everyone in different ways. Even though the saboteurs were frowned upon they inevitably joined the project but on their own terms.

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