You and art

Over the years I have tried to make art that is uneasy or a little difficult. I have tried to dramatise the feelings from the past of having known people from graffiti who went into serious crime. I don’t in any way want to glorify violence or any of those types of attitudes. Some of my writing has tried to dramatise or encapsulate the mixed feelings around violence. Graffiti was violent but that isn’t what I have done with my graffiti or video or any artistic expression I have looked into. It isn’t a fascination with any of these types of people but with how I can try to understand why people took the paths they did. Why gangs or youth culture can spiral out of control. People can tend to frown on graffiti or art forms that have certain embellishments that are not seen as healthy. Street art gets the green light as it doesn’t usually cover the same territory as graffiti.

Sometimes I wonder why I bothered exploring difficult terrain over the years. Mostly people looked bewildered at some of my work in group exhibitions. They didn’t really know what my work was about and it is easier to get a prescribed point of view in established circles. I have largely been unsuccessful but it is mostly my own doing. Art for me is also a kind of exploration into the human psyche but it isn’t dressed up as art but expresses itself through a type of psychosis. The structures fall away and it is just you and art.

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