Boring power

Went for a bike ride today. It was a good day for it. Slightly overcast but moderate UV with moments of sunshine. I realised that I am fighting a losing battle on many fronts. For a long time I have just stuck at it. For example I have kept up my aerosol work and have made work that feels to me to have a bit of integrity. I sold a couple of works recently which was good but it’s just not consistent. My writing has become a trickle as I deal with more visual work. The thing is I have a lot of talents but I don’t necessarily use them in my work. I try to reference things that people don’t necessarily know or care about. The stuff that I am good at like realistic portraits or that kind of stuff just seems so boring.

The upside is I have a lot of excitement in my work. It has an edge and is interesting. The only solution I can see is music. Music can be a little bit different and people can get into that. Visual work is harder to get people into. Music is universal. I would like to make some music for a change anyway. I can’t see miracles being performed but at least I won’t feel I am in the same rut. There is a lot of visual work that I will only do if I am being paid and nobody seems keen to pay me. Also I am fussy who I work with because I want to get paid rather than screwed over. Over the last four years I have been getting into sound based work and I have exhibited it. But also have had a lot of options with visual work. Great walls and in a way the opportunities are too good to miss. At the same time though I am not necessarily opening doors. Why does popularity have to be so boring?

One thought on “Boring power

  1. oh doer, the world is your playground. maybe don’t call it artwork, or products, maybe just be free and do whatever makes you happy. or whatever drives your evolution. i sometimes just start singing songs, like writing its just making stuff up. we will die one day and life aint a dress rehearsal. you know what you have done. more of the same will make you more or less the same. try rapping.

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