Of itself

When I had reached a whole lot of time doing graffiti I thought of the all the people who had stopped and thought what would they have done if they kept at it. What I didn’t realise is that some of the best graffiti artists don’t even do graffiti at all. How is that a fact? Well look at 3D from Massive Attack or Merda from Melbourne who tends to design either stencilled or screen printed work. You don’t have to spray to stay relevant. Goldie is another example. Though at that time I thought about all of this I wasn’t really pushing anything that interesting. Its not that I am now either but what my work talks about and references is the use of spray itself.

It isn’t a very important topic but spray painting seems to get left behind in the notions of hard core and fashion and youth culture. But it can go further. Thats why when I meet some people I mention my art background and study to show that even though I am not on top of current trends my work tries to reach out. The thing is I want to bring it all along. I want fades, dimensions I want to reference graffiti and film and just have a kind of history that isn’t just about one thing as opposed to another. I claim nothing but you can’t hide your interests. That is the take away point and that is interests. I want interests and I want it to be interesting and I don’t want to think that graffiti will always be relagated to a gateway artform. It is supposed to be the gateway to crime or the gateway to bigger and better things. In essense I just want it to be taken seriously. To get there you have to take yourself seriously and maybe be professional. But the underlying chaotic nature of the artform is also its strength.

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