Rexzy Paze painting

In regard to my comments on working with Paze and Rexzy what is important to note is I am just stuck in my ways. A lot of writers call me an artist and I get worried that on the day I might do a bit of an odd ball piece out of the flow of what is going on. For example it all depends on my head space. Where I am mentally on the day that dictates what the piece will look like. I think that when I thought about it I was worried that seeing that I am not very consistent I could go out on a tangent. This doesn´t always happen and I have a style that can cope with my intermittent brain firings. 

I can´t say it more plainly that I am a bit nuts. But whatever will be will be. Not to say I am trying to make it into a big deal. But when your painting with the old school kings you tend to worry if you are up to the task. I just have to stick to what I do and try my best. I am a bit paranoid at times. 🙂

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