When marketing becomes reality

It is pretty much impossible to not get sick of hearing of left right and centre dynamics which are thrown around by news organisations which have come to feel divisive. One term I came across which is decades old is anarcho-capitalism something being thrown around by a successful unnamed visionary. Then I was lead to Chomsky’s short take on this idea. So I thought I might dig into some journal articles and came across tid bits from the 70s and 80s. It is interesting to hear entrepreneurial types wax lyrical about the possibilities of the dissolution of the nanny state mentalities harming great ideas. What gets me the most about these ideas is that someone like Chomsky will say any ideology no matter how interesting is fine on paper but making it happen well is fraught with trial and error. He had nothing nice to say about anarcho-capitalism which was: “in my opinion, is a doctrinal system which, if ever implemented, would lead to forms of tyranny and oppression that have few counterparts in human history.”

Entrepreneurs are known for having interesting ideas and being business minded. What gets me though about the idea of knocking down barriers through free markets is that the free market is itself a barrier. For instance consider market volatility and change. People think that if they could stop any obstructions to market forces things would just go in an exciting way and everything would be wonderful. Ok so I am exaggerating but the point of bringing a free open anarcho-capitalist model would supposedly solve so many social issues as people could slot into their place in a free market that had endless possibilities and so forth.

Part of this type of thinking is in a way fashionable and seen as a way of getting out of the left types of thinking we supposedly take for granted. The problem with these ideas is execution because the world is complex. The other issue is factional agendas that threaten to swamp the ideas. The part that gets me the most is how these idealised worlds are free of social issues like violence or crime. We are at the beginning of a new century so power plays have happened historically at these times. If people want to get funky with ideals so be it but just try and be realistic. People want change but what exactly is change when it is just about economics. The same could be said for Marxism.

In the late 80s a couple of intellectuals in an article were parrying the left and right divide with the author mentioning the deregulation enacted by the Labor government of the time and how these types of divides were blurring anyway. Some of the old school views by Adorno were criticised as no longer relevant to the new dynamic etc. Just to come back down to reality the kind of weird crap coming out of entrepreneurial camps with businesses that want to bring people with beards together sharing great ideas just seems like fashionable factionalism. Turning suburbs into gentrified cafe latte drinking holes free of crime or anything interesting. When marketing becomes reality we can be forgiven for worrying. If I am a brand I only have myself to blame for damaging it. Everything else is just part of the marketing strategy.

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