The broken mirror

It is interesting thinking about the nature of core human values of trust and cooperation as opposed to simply ‘entertainment value’. Trump got into to power just through being entertaining if you look at it. He did have changes in mind but his ‘entertaining’ style stole the show beside other factors. The issue I raised recently on social media was the Nazi guy getting punched. I can understand the entertainment value of it but as a meaningful act that will bring change and empower people it seems lacking.

Also it is important to understand the difference between distraction, entertainment and values. I know I am being a little presumptive but social media is a tool of distraction as successfully employed by Trump. He simply said outlandish statements to distract and entertain.

The definitions:


distraction |dɪˈstrakʃ(ə)n|


1 a thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else: the firm found passenger travel a distraction from the main business of moving freight.


entertainment |ɛntəˈteɪnm(ə)nt|

noun [ mass noun ]

the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment: everyone just sits in front of the television for entertainment.


value |ˈvaljuː|


1 [ mass noun ] the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something: your support is of great value.

I won’t need to go into much more detail as everyone knows the definitions but when they are shown like this you see how they can intermingle and become ‘distractingly entertaining’. When basic values such as non-violence are upheld in the face of struggle great changes can come about as shown by Martin Luther King. When someone punches someone in the face usually there is an assault charge or some kind of action like that. Even if the person being hit is a nutcase who has deplorable values. If your foes are covered in mud and slinging dirt in every direction do you want to jump in the mud with them? That was George W Bush territory when he started using torture. It doesn’t work. Ironically intelligence does, just not WMD intelligence.

Other kinds of intelligence work as well and that comes down to knowing your enemy very well. People have the right to feel threatened by the looming far right grabbing onto popular dissent and mediated attacks through news outlets and social media with various ploys. What we need to remember though is to not get distracted by the ‘entertainment value’ of what should be the meaningful upholding of core human values of trust and cooperation.

I can be blunt about it because everyone knows or soon will. We have been played off each other through entertainment and distraction. We are tuned into entertainment, almost all day every day. Trump knew it and made his move. Even the arguments about whether Trump is good or bad totally misses the point. The fact is we have been caught off guard and nobody knew what hit them. The fact is it isn’t that hard to shut it down but it takes some thinking. Trump will see how far his entertaining style stretches into the reality of the real world as opposed to reality TV. The problem is the whole world could become a kind of soap opera where we become Shakespeare’s actors and Trump is our saviour. You can only hold reality back for so long.

Since Occupy Wall Street people have voiced their concerns of money and power though it was taken out of context in that people were painted in the media in some cases as being obstinate and wanting of things that require hard work. But this missed the point once again of the core values of accountability and criminality that went unchecked and unpunished. It seems to me that the core ideas were simply lost in a flurry of distraction and misinformation pinned on opinion pieces and peoples biases. Even though the desire for change was there it simply shattered into so many pieces of what is supposed to be the mirror we hold to society to address our concerns. It is frustrating but what we have missed is that the mirror was shattered due to media that was biased and probably bank rolled by powerful types and now that has come to social media as an onslaught of distractions as well for exactly the same reasons. We can’t expect powerful self interested groups to help us. We need to focus and keep the core ideas alive. Once the mirror is shattered it is hard to see those values but we need to find other mirrors and if we can get through the noise it has to be clear and for the good of all people.

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