Lines in the sand

It is difficult to not endorse divisive race relations. You can’t make it all one or pretend that we are not different in every possible way. We are all so different from every aspect racially or otherwise. The problem with clear demarcation of race is the obvious transgression of these boundaries for one group to dominate the other. The issue arises in race relations is where do these demarcations end or start. The reality is complex because it isn’t about just one against the other. It is more about the many against the few. There are no clear race relations if you are honest about it. It is the majority that adhere and the few that do not adhere. What are they adhering to? Unfortunately the demarcations put in place socially to dominate the few. The real problem of adhering to boundaries that are called racial or otherwise is that we will dehumanise the few to the point of death and still remain inculpable.

This is the dreary state of US race relations that seem set to infest Australia. There have always been racial issues that have fested in Australia but what is looming is far worse as shown by Ms Dhu. There is blatant disregard for human life in everyones faces and the law seems to be too powerful and privileged to be held accountable. The issue facing us isn’t just about race, it is about human life and the new disregard for it from Syria to Australia.

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