Still having fun with observations. Will I ever take anything seriously? Seriously!! See below

He eventually realised that even though some of his friends though excruciatingly boring were actually deep thinkers.They were not stuck in surface conversations. But he had to have fun with it. He wanted to laugh. It was deep but also funny. This left him out of being taken seriously. The most boring of his friends. A kind of encapsulation of severe boring rumination was now a successful artist collected internationally. He was a serious artist but alas where he sat in this kind of bubble of joy when compared to his boring friend was in dire obscurity. He really needed to be more boring for his own survival!
It was particularly vexing when he attempted to have a conversation with a young writer from Paris. As soon as he started walking into the gardens of perplexity the writer became uncomfortable poking fun at his ideas. Was this as good as it was going to get? Being surrounded by a stream of people clinging to fashionable surfaces for the sake of saving face? Even more scary than that was this the new way of thinking intellectually in a possibly drug fucked world?


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