Wheels of fortune

Just putting it out there, Brian Eno’s new generative work ‘Reflections’ and preamble got me thinking about the garden concept. As below.

There was something to be said for the shock people can feel when violence erupts. His mother would seem to drift off into a whole other dimension. She seemed unable to process what was going on around her at those times. The television was an escape. It would make her smile and reassure her. She had complex feelings but there was nowhere to nurture them. People are like gardens that need tending to become the garden they should be. She was a garden of rambling vines, trees and rushing rivers. The television was the moonlight in the garden. Her eyes the window of her spirit set upon by wheels of fortune. The garden grows but not as one would expect. It makes me wonder if we will ever cease to believe in ourselves when the world keeps pointing away. It points to so many others that we forget who we are and finally we have no connection to ourselves or the world around us. We can’t expect money to tend to our gardens but then the people who portend to seem even worse.


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