Into my stories

It was interesting because over the years I have tried to write stories. I could never finish anything or just lost interest. Most of the material I tried to execute had serious undertones and I have never really been a serious type. I tend to make light of serious issues, my friends have known me to come up with bizarre comical takes on serious issues. It is hard for me to be serious. What I think of is serious and a lot of issues in my mind are serious but my nature is to make fun of things including myself. Comical observations are very serious and that is what makes them funny.

It is the brevity and discomfort that makes people nervously laugh but also simply the observation itself laid bare. So instead of writing in a serious tone I have aimed for a different voice and so far it seems natural and has actually been keeping my attention and interest. For someone who for years has wanted to write but either the voice was too far in a certain direction I feel I can at least produce material. What keeps it interesting for me is allowing my own natural comical observations soften the seriousness of the content. It doesn’t deaden the brevity but at least gives people something to grab onto through the journey.

At this stage I am just writing separate chapters and plan to organize the direction of the story but it is very open to issues I have countlessly tried to tackle but with a more natural feel. There is a long way to go but what I have written is actually more my own voice. Even when I am with friends my humour is just to keep things calm and rolling along. The issues though are as clear as day and really I want to bring people into my stories.

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