Out and about

Well I did end up getting out to paint the walls. Also got to ‘Maniac Mansion’ poster show by the ‘Loser Unit’ collective. I like talking to younger artists at the moment especially graffiti/street art types just to provide a constructive voice in a scene that seems set on destructive attitudes. There is a lot of hype around hardcore and what it means to be hardcore. That is always easy to hype and make legendary whereas creative attitudes can be harder to promote unless they to fit a popular mould. So I have been working with guys from older hardcore scenes and emerging artists and trying to promote some better attitudes and explaining myself as well. It is good because most people want to hear it. One guy couldn’t get spray and I said just use house paint and use what you can afford. Why use spray if you can only steal it, if you can get away with it that is fine but use whatever you can. I used to steal spray paint when I was younger but eventually started looking in open garages for scrap cans that nobody was ever going to use anyway. There are always ways and the answer is usually looking you right in the face. The guy remembered he had a whole bucket of house paint, please use it!


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