Who cares!

I recently mentioned on social media the issue with graffiti artists vandalising murals or pattern work. The opinion is the graffiti artists are disenfranchised by the push of street art and public murals. What I don’t understand is how some other people or groups success guarantees your own victimhood. If you measure yourself by other peoples ideas of success you will leave yourself lacking in most regards. You can’t have everything and why would you want it? Do you think I want to deal with designers and curators agonising over a street mural? I want to paint what I want to paint on the streets and even if I have to paint drains at least I can take a photo and share it. What I don’t get is how these graffiti artists want to be hardcore but are worried about legal walls or what goes on them. Who cares!

When I was doing throw ups on trains I couldn’t have cared less who was doing a mural I just didn’t care. Basically I was doing my own thing. People are constantly comparing themselves against the wealthy or institutionalised types. Who cares! What happened to just doing whatever you do regardless of Joe Blows various successes.

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