Current thoughts

Well it is definitely getting into the busier time of the year. So far I have been pretty stressed especially after my push for sales over the past few weeks. It makes me realise just how much time and effort you need to put in to get results. Because of my health I need to tread cautiously because I don’t want to start having any issues. At the same time I need to keep up a steady momentum to keep things ticking over. My newest direction isn’t getting a lot of traction and I am tempted to just head back to safety but some feedback has been that the new pieces work with the older ones and they play off each other.

Also I don’t know how far I can go with the new works. It is a little bit harder to gauge and now I have been thinking of how I would go about making small sculptural pieces even though I can’t really see that working. I don’t want to make models though I can see models in my mind working. I would prefer a jewellery approach but don’t know how to envisage it. When I can’t see at least a glimpse, not a finished product but just a glimpse it is really hard to see myself getting anywhere with it.

To be frank I am probably losing my marbles from all of the stress from the past few weeks and there have been times when I think that I am becoming a little unhinged. Although I am not suffering any particular symptoms or having any clear indications that my health is a little fragile I know that I need to take it easy. What may help is just to drop the tools and see what stays in my mind going forward. It is all good to entertain ideas but I really need to make great objects.

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