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Well I finally went back on Facebook after a long break. Basically won’t be linking different accounts and stuff like that. I am waiting on an archive from Twitter which I hope is in text format or pdf which would be good too. Basically I got the thinking done I needed to do over the past few months. Can concentrate on output now. Ramping up my painting over the next few weeks at least on walls and I am sure I will get some canvas work in too.

It is just easy to see your friends activities especially considering they all live pretty faraway these days. I am just not putting Facebook on my phone, that is a headache. Treating it like email, an end of the day check up and then off. My graffiti site has really taken off the last few months as I took some time to put up content as well but I may just need to cruise a little with that one. Sorry for thinking aloud but there was a topic I really wanted to touch on but every time I get in front of a computer it evades me.

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