Public art

It is great to see Dabs and Myla doing a giant wall in Surry Hills Darlinghurst at the moment. The wall has a bit of history. Initially I painted it in 1996 doing a small three coloured piece that stayed there for ten years. Tags and throw ups followed as they do. In 2006 the whole space was cleaned and then the throw ups and tags took over until recently. It seems strange that ten years after my work was buffed the wall now is becoming a huge testament to public art which has swept the world over the past ten years especially more so in the last five years.

It is sad to see graffiti kind of becoming less relevant, street art is taking the same direction while public art takes a more hybrid approach. Dabs and Myla are graffiti artists primarily as they are still doing pieces but they have showcased their styles to meet the public in a really dynamic way. They have evolved into this new format a way of doing comic based work all their own. It pays homage to Americana but is still all their own. The days of the small three coloured piece seem numbered these days, well admittedly I have stopped doing them for a long while. People want to be part of the art on the streets. I am glad I can meet them head on. There are new challenges ahead.

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