Was getting roused at for painting over something by my ex. She had thrown out an old unfinished painting and I happened to grab it from the bin. Curiosity made me do it. It had some texture and I just saw it and wondered how my paint pens would look over the top. My ex forgot she threw it out and told me to fix it. I had to laugh but it got me thinking about curiosity and its role in how I operate.

What I realised was the paint pens didn’t really work but I kept it because it was a marker of my curiosity. Really it didn’t work and I wouldn’t do it again. So like a lot of my creative tinkering I mainly think ‘what if…’. It isn’t very constructive because constantly I will make things that are unfinished and don’t work but curiosity leads me on…’what if….’

I am happy to just make it regardless of any result. My new canvas work is an exception because I know it can work just through the process of designing the piece within the parameters set up. The paint pen texture piece is more like a curiosity that I keep to say ‘well that happens’.

Even my reading tastes have been about curiosity as opposed to practicality. I have barely read anything in relation to my interests just because I was curious. Now though I am over it. I need results that work and reading in relation to my interests in art and graffiti. It hasn’t been all bad but the curiosity machine needs a break.

I think in regard to my general work standard I feel that I can contain my curiosity within the structure that I create to find results as opposed to making unfinished work. I once loved unfinished work because it was open and had many possible directions. The problem with my old approach is it is more about hoarding or archiving than anything else.

There is no doubt that you can make work like that that works but it has to be something or other as opposed to a multitude of possibilities. It isn’t that I am against it but I can’t keep this up forever. Life isn’t indefinite and I want to see what I am capable of in regard to objects. It is really a shift from ideas of openings to ideas of objects that exist.

Also people don’t know what you are doing, I once got a review in a major paper decades ago and they said we don’t really know what this work is about, well it was really about curiosity ‘what if..’


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