Distortion through self publishing

Started a new series of work on board called ‘scratching the surface’ as well as some painting work on canvas. When I was researching at university during the 90s I came across an article on a social phenomena from the 1970s. There was a huge trend to scratch names onto any surface. It was especially big on the inside of train carriages in Sydney. It could be any number of insignia, bands and whatever else. This trend was seen as a pretty big social issue at the time as it was destroying public property. Scratchies as they are commonly termed have had a huge resurgence in Sydney in the last ten years, being a big issue on buses. Scratchies now are mainly graffiti artists tags etched into bus windows with porcelain implements. I did a digital zine in 2009 with some photos of bus windows. What I found interesting was how the scratchies distorted your view from the bus window or train window. My photos and zine echoed this distortion.

With the emergence of social media platforms there is plenty of distortion of events and view points due to every one putting in their two cents worth. It is interesting that the same publication of self through scratchies has a very real distortion of individual perception  through application.

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