Writing about writing

I started writing a small booklet on graffiti around a year ago adding to it occasionally to be a sequel to my last booklet but with a broader focus. It is smaller but is mainly writing as opposed to images. It really needs some editing and a little more clarity before I publish it to this site. I don’t think it would be something to put on iBooks but I will see how it looks when finished. I enjoy writing and grappling with words. Words for me seem very tactile, almost sculptural. The act of writing can leave me grasping for meaning and then there are moments of seeming clarity where sense prevails but hopefully doesn’t dominate.

Is it as concise as my first booklet? It definitely has potential and I still hope to be able to pull it together. It really needs an introduction once I get the editing in place to structure it. I always avoid writing this piece but when I get to it I feel immersed in that tactility I spoke of earlier. The point of the piece is to place graffiti and street art in the world by looking at the functional elements of urban design and activity as well as anchoring personal observations to elements of fantasy.  Because I forget names and places I find it difficult to recall pivotal books I have read on urban design but I have and I only touch on the subject as some of the other observations can be poetic, retrospective and pure fantasy.

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