Raspberry Pi 3 from Element14 joy

So I got my Pi3 setup and it was delivered fast. Basically I went with Element14 who have a warehouse in western Sydney for supply of my Pi parts. I dithered and did my order in three stages because I wasn’t sure what I needed. But it wasn’t a problem as they delivered same day. I got the Pi3 and a small screen then decided on the screen case. Really I was taking a stab in the dark but it worked out perfectly. The Raspberry Pi foundation have so many great products and third parties supply all sorts of cases and enclosures. The touchscreen and parts all fitted well with the Pi and once I had the enclosure it was a dream come true.

My needs are basic, I just need to play some videos that I want on a plinth below a painting and the Pi is so versatile and easy to set up. The Pi3 is really a full desktop now and it has quite a lot of power compared to the original Pi. The design is the same as the Pi2 which I had never seen before because I have four original Pi computers. The design is really a big improvement especially with the micro SD. I will probably buy two more Pi3 computers as I have an old project earmarked for resurrection and the third will just be for playing around with like experimenting with radio frequencies and temporary projects.

I am glad the warehouse is in Sydney because getting goods quickly is a real treat considering my original Pi computers took weeks to get from the UK initially.

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